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Titel - QUARTS Med Certification Procedure 2024

QUARTS MED Certification Procedure

Text - QUARTS Med Certification Procedure 2024
Certification Procedure  
If you have any questions regarding the certification procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Requirement Specification
The Requirements Specification for a Certified Clinical Unit of the SGRM and AGER have to be fully applied by the clinical unit that wants to obtain certification.
QUARTS MED Requirements Specification V1.0

Request for certification

Clinical units that are interested in the certification are kindly asked to complete the request form for certification.

Offer for certification

After Doc-Cert has received the request form, Doc-Cert issues an offer for the clinical unit with information about the certification fee and the certification procedure in general. Questions regarding the offer and the certification procedure can be clarified at this stage.
Assignment for certification 
Along with the offer Doc-Certs provides the clinical unit with the assignment form. If the clinical units agrees with the offer the clinical unit completes the assignment form and sends it to Doc-Cert. Thereby the certification process is started. At this stage the clinical unit specifies its preferred date for the certification audit.
Confirmation of the assignment
After Doc-Cert has received the assignment form, Doc-Cert confirms the assignment.
Examination of the SOPs and the KPIs
At the latest 4 weeks before the certification audit the clinical unit sends the QUARTS MED Requirements Specification with the explanations of the clinical unit and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to Doc-Cert. Based on the SOPs and the KPIs Doc-Cert and the expert auditor assess whether the prerequisites for the certification are principally given. If relevant requirements are not fulfilled the certification audit will be cancelled.
Certification Audit 
The audit takes half a day and is conducted by an expert auditor and a representative of Doc-Cert. The clinical unit receives the audit plan at the latest 2 weeks before the audit. At the end of the audit the expert auditor and the Doc-Cert auditor will announce their assessment. The audit report is submitted to the certification committee. If the certification committee approves the certification, the certificate is issued, and the clinical unit receives the certificate. The certificate is valid for 5 years and is signed by representatives of the medical associations SGRM and is signed by representatives of the medical association SGRM.
Maintaining the Certification 
Every year the clinical unit issues an annual report that includes amongst others the KPIs and hands it over to Doc-Cert. Doc-Cert evaluates the annual report. In case of deviations from the requirements the certification committee is informed. The certification committee can impose conditions. After five years the re-certification audit takes place. After 2-3 years a supervisory audit takes place.
Form Annual Report
Procedure of QUARTS MED certification 
Please find an overview of the QUARTS MED certification procedure.
QUARTS MED Procedure
Terms and Conditions Certification Doc-Cert AG Terms and Conditions
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